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Cynthia Riggs, the Biz Diva, loves helping women like you reach your highest, most fulfilling and profitable business potential. As a business development consultant and successful entrepreneur with 30-plus years of insight and experience to share, Cynthia has a proven reputation of navigating women past the million-dollar sales barrier.

Lifelong entrepreneurship begins with passion, focus and commitment
As a teenager in the ‘70s, Cynthia adored vintage clothing for the quality fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship, and the great fit. Why was fit a big deal? At that time, it was impossible for a size-14 woman to find new clothing that wasn’t drab and conservative. Cynthia hunted everywhere for classic clothing that suited her image and upped her self-esteem. After graduating from college, Cynthia hatched her personal obsession into a business!

At first, she hung her shingle at the local flea market, where she bought and sold vintage clothing and antique fabrics. With encouragement from friends and customers, and financial backing from her grandmother, Cynthia opened Cheap Frills, her first retail store, in 1980.

Every woman deserves to feel good about herself
While running Cheap Frills, Cynthia noticed that her super-size friends couldn’t find anything to wear but polyester housecoats and moo-moos. Determined to outfit these women with great clothing, Cynthia spent two years researching the plus-size fashion market, going to trade shows and contacting clothing manufacturers across the country. All roads were dead ends that left Cynthia frustrated and disappointed. Driven to achieve fashion equality for all sizes, she forged ahead and became an activist on behalf of plus-sized women.

With focused passion, imagination and perseverance (and a lot of borrowed money!), she brought her vision to life. Cynthia began designing and manufacturing clothing for plus-size women and, in 1984, launched the Making It Big catalog––at last there was stylish, high-quality, American-made, natural fiber clothing for big and beautiful women!

In 1989, Making It Big hit its first million-dollar year. Growing a multimillion-dollar enterprise felt terrific, but what mattered most to Cynthia was that she really changed the lives of plus-size women worldwide. It was wildly gratifying to hear customers say “Finally I can go on a job interview and feel confident that I look the part!” and “Your clothing has had more positive impact on my life than anything else.”

Cynthia built a profitable business on the foundation of her values and helped launch a new, high-demand industry. Her job was done. In 2004, knowing she’d given her all, she sold her prosperous company. It was time to move forward and devote herself to a new passion.

Women Building Business and the Biz Diva emerge to empower businesswomen
Upon selling Making It Big, it became clear to Cynthia that her next endeavor was to support bright, passionate, ambitious women to get clear about their business vision, stretch to their full potential and create well-managed, prosperous enterprises. She was passionately aligned with supporting women to grow their self-esteem and discover their power.

Cynthia held a BA in Psychology and in 2011 earned her MBA: She was an immensely successful businesswoman, skilled communicator and trained facilitator—perfect for communicating and connecting women and business.

Through Women Building Business, Cynthia welcomed her first clients in 2004. Since then she has helped hundreds of women reach their business goals and guided many into the million-dollar club.

To honor her evolving mission, Cynthia rebranded her firm as the Biz Diva in 2013. Today the Biz Diva offers women business owners like you a comprehensive suite of options to ensure business growth and speed success.

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“I have worked with Cynthia for many years. I consider her a mentor, coach and an accountability partner. As the co-owner of a small business, I often get lost in day-to-day tasks. Cynthia has gotten me to look at our business from a perspective that I would not have seen without her help. She has also made me accountable for my actions, or lack of, which I believe all small-business owners need. By working with Cynthia, I have been able to set priorities and get things done faster, I have given up unnecessary tasks, and I have partnered with other small-business owners to work through challenging goals. Cynthia has been an enormous asset to our business and to me as a professional.


Kimberly Johnson
Eric Johnson and Associates


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