I just returned from the National Association of Business Women (NAWBO) national conference in San Antonio, Texas. The most uplifting part of the trip was watching thirty two of the sixty NAWBO chapters from across the country receive their First Star in the recently launched Healthy Chapter program. Receiving this first star required each president and/or […]

Recently, many of my clients have been struggling with their websites – the cost, not getting what they want, difficulty communicating what they need, and on and on. I have been on the lookout for people to solve these problems and support my clients in getting the help they need. I recently provided a consult […]

If you’re anything like some entrepreneuresses I know, you may have been putting off some of the hard work of managing your business ’til September. These lazy days of summer may be affecting your motivation… But! The Biz Diva is ready to help you get that magic back. She’s everywhere in the next month, assuring […]

Today (August 3) is the deadline for taking advantage of the Biz Diva’s deep discount for economical divas-to-be. If you sign up now (online here or call 707-823-1602) you can take the first step toward realizing your business goals—for only $199! After today, the cost goes up to $249. So don’t wait! Oh, you. You want […]

Remember that workshop I told you about? The one for those of you who need sales, but suffer from sales-a-phobia? The discount has been extended to May 11. In case you don’t remember, this was the fact that inspired me to learn how to sell: All entrepreneurs and business owners must learn sales skills. No […]

So how can you miss this class? She has some nice sample business plans on her website, too. (Click on the graphic to the left to go there.)  The One Page Business Plan is the most powerful tool I’ve ever used for my business. In one page, you clearly state your vision for your business […]

So you know how I’m always talking about the importance of a plan? And you’re always saying, “Yeah, I know I need a plan. But you know I’ve got this business to run? Where does a millionairess-in-training get the time?” The Biz Diva heard you. She’s winnowed it all down to the basics. Now you […]

What do you need to take your business to the stratosphere this year? The Biz Diva can help you with the essentials for success: 1) Get A Plan It’s a law of business: Businesses with plans succeed; those without rarely do. You can attend one of the Biz Diva’s introductions to the One Page Business Plan in […]


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