When I ask Morgan, our Springer Spaniel, “Are you ready?” her enthusiasm knows no bounds and she is at the door, poised and ready for action. In her case, this will likely be leaping and yipping, because she knows something is about to happen and she is ready to go! My question to you is, […]

About three years ago, I decided to start a business to business networking group that I named Strategic Business Circle™. My purpose was to bring together a small group of women I thought would be good strategic partners and whose services would be beneficial to my client base. Three years into it, about half of […]

Last year, I attended Caterina Rando’s Global Love Day (GLD) event and Caterina asked me to be one of her four speakers at her Global Love Day event last month. At the time I was honored and very excited to be offered this opportunity. Over time I put some thought into what I would say, […]

I was at a networking meeting this morning where we participated in a structured exercise as a way to get to know our tablemates. One of the questions we answered was, “What in your childhood/adolescence set the stage for you to become an entrepreneur?” This was a great question! I learned that the group of […]

I know some of you are wondering where I’ve been for the last few months. I’ve gotten some inquiries so I thought I’d catch you up on what has been happening. One last time I will mention that I had knee replacement surgery in November. I gave myself a good amount of time off work […]

How do we achieve and maintain prosperity from the practical, financial and/or professional perspective? “Prosperity” comes from “prosper,” which means “to succeed in an enterprise or activity.” One key to prosperity is to move through experiences rather than fighting against them. Bring your inner wisdom, intuition, and instincts into every decision and strategic action you […]

What do you do when there’s a breakdown in communication with a client? How do you handle the situation and come to a resolution? After reading this commentary, please comment and weigh in, I would like your ideas and feedback. I find I am greatly impacted when someone I am working with is dissatisfied or […]

I have a potential client who wants her company to be a seven-figure business. Currently she’s grossing between $500,000 and $600,000 annually. Her revenue has dropped a little since 2014, but she’s been in this range for the last several years. I’ve known her for about two years and more than once I have mentioned […]

I was talking with a client the other day and she said something to the effect that when she loses weight all will be right in her world. I hadn’t heard anyone say this to me in a long time and it got my attention. I told her that embracing this point of view puts […]

When I decided to return to school to get my MBA, reality—in the form of needing large blocks of time—came flooding in. In trying to figure out where to get those blocks of time, I realized I had a client I spent a lot of time with every week—but that client didn’t pay my regular […]


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