The only thing we can change is ourselves, i.e. our behavior. You’ve heard me say this many times as I know it to be true. Today’s topic is about the resistance we have to creating and upholding boundaries with our clients. We often experience conflict when it comes to making clear statements, writing a contract […]

Being inauthentic shows up in many ways and I recently had an experience where it slapped me right in the face. Remember that business retreat I attended last month in Hawaii? During one of the group exercises, I was offered the opportunity to share a secret I have been holding onto for many years. In […]

A number of years ago, one of my colleagues asked me to help her deal with feelings of overwhelm and the resulting judgmental voices that left her feeling very bad about herself. I am sharing the story she wrote and the steps she moved through to get to the other side of overwhelm. I know […]

I have been waiting for a good time to share this verse on Perfection. Pam Austin, my friend and colleague, gave this to me and it caught my attention because I know that many of us get caught in the perfection trap. I think the juxtaposition between perfection and excellence provides a contrasting point of […]

Last week I was in Maui, attending Caterina Rando’s Breakthrough Luxury retreat. I signed up for the retreat last year, having decided that I deserved to take a luxury retreat. I have never done anything like this, wasn’t sure what it was, but part of the draw was taking a trip that required little effort […]

Last fall I had the pleasure of attending the NAWBO (National Association of Women in Business) annual conference in Indianapolis. I had been doing pro bono work on their behalf, bringing the One Page Business Plan protocol to their leadership team. As part of this process, I was invited to present at their national conference. […]

When we get to know someone and there is a connection, we often want to foster that connection to see if we are meant to become friends or lovers or collaborators, whichever is in the stars. I venture to say that when we feel connected, most of us look forward to staying that way as […]

As much as I love to collaborate I find it really tough to feel successful unless everyone’s role is clearly defined and we are on the same page. Case in point, I am reeling from a collaborative experience I had last week. I was facilitating a webinar and it didn’t go well. In fact I […]

Do you do much trading with your colleagues and business acquaintances, exchanging your services or products for theirs? Prompted by a story that one of my clients told me, I have some thoughts I want to share with you. Last month, this client mentioned she was very pleased with herself, having provided more hours of […]

Earlier this month I was at a networking event and Lynda McDaniel ( was presenting on “Business Writing as a Spiritual Practice.” In the course of her presentation, she tasked us with a stream of consciousness writing exercise. We were given five minutes and directed not to lift the pen from paper; the idea was […]


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