When I ask Morgan, our Springer Spaniel, “Are you ready?” her enthusiasm knows no bounds and she is at the door, poised and ready for action. In her case, this will likely be leaping and yipping, because she knows something is about to happen and she is ready to go! My question to you is, […]

Have you heard about the internet backlash to Dell’s condescending and stereotyping website? I’d hate to be the program manager on that little debacle! Quick recap: “Della” is a website created to market netbooks to women. It features “Tech Tips” with patronizing examples of how you can use a mini-laptop: “Track your exercises…Find recipes…” Plus […]

Those charming young women at Tone, a Pilates, Dance & Yoga Studio, have received some well-earned recognition for their excellent instructors and environment. In The Bohemian’s annual contest, Tone was voted Best Pilates Studio. Yayy! And there was a really fun short comment on Tone and Pilates in general.  The Biz Diva considers owners Alyson […]

Okay, maybe not all our problems. But I often think it’d be nice to have my priorities with me always. Something to remind me what I should be concentrating on. Maybe this is where my business plan action items go!  What do you think, could you benefit from a “To Do Tattoo“? I know I […]

Interesting new book out called Elsewhere, U.S.A.: How We Got from the Company Man, Family Dinners, and the Affluent Society to the Home Office, BlackBerry Moms, and Economic Anxiety. The writer, Dalton Conley, is a sociologist. He explores the ubiquitous complaint “I’m overextended!” as we are all challenged by the need to be a worker, […]

Over the past eight years, the budget of the U.S. Small Business Association has been cut in half, most of that in the backing of small business loans. But we think Obama plans to change all that—especially as evidenced by his appointment of Karen Gordon Mills as chief of the SBA. As president of MMP […]

• Are “gutsy,” action-oriented women. • Have a solutions orientation. • Believe that a larger business provides more freedom. • Are energized by the “business of growing a business.” • Create their own rules. • Focus on internal business culture. • Are life-long learners. Sound like you? This study from the Center for Women’s Business Research […]


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