I’ve been thinking about how we strive to be successful in every aspect of our business and often don’t pay much attention to the fact that typically we aren’t good at everything that needs to be done. We push ourselves to be rock stars in areas where we consistently fall short. There was a time […]

I have decided that once a month, rather than writing my own blog, I am going to offer you the brilliant thoughts and ideas of my colleagues and clients. I am only one person, with one POV, and there is so much more to be shared! I am starting this month with Victoria Lasin of […]

I have been waiting for a good time to share this verse on Perfection. Pam Austin, my friend and colleague, gave this to me and it caught my attention because I know that many of us get caught in the perfection trap. I think the juxtaposition between perfection and excellence provides a contrasting point of […]

Last week I was in Maui, attending Caterina Rando’s Breakthrough Luxury retreat. I signed up for the retreat last year, having decided that I deserved to take a luxury retreat. I have never done anything like this, wasn’t sure what it was, but part of the draw was taking a trip that required little effort […]

My good fortune in life has been to connect my passions, one after another, to a revenue stream. This started when I graduated from babysitting and began doing things that interested me. When I was in junior high, my mom enrolled me in Junior Achievement. This program still exists and is for teenagers to explore […]

When we get to know someone and there is a connection, we often want to foster that connection to see if we are meant to become friends or lovers or collaborators, whichever is in the stars. I venture to say that when we feel connected, most of us look forward to staying that way as […]

I am sharing a success story I completed a couple of weeks ago. I am short on time this week but want to keep on schedule with my weekly commitment to write and post my blog. I hope I do not disappoint by giving you something a little different than the usual ‘women in business’ […]

I have a long term client who, several years into our consulting relationship, confessed there had been a period of time when she didn’t follow my direction. I had sensed a lack of action on her part, but it never occurred to me that she didn’t value what I said or the work we were […]

I was talking with a prospective client last week, a woman who had recently walked away (of her own accord) from a 25 year career with a major corporation. Since leaving her corporate position, Lisa (pseudonym) has gone through training to become a coach and her goal is to be self-employed as an executive coach […]

Many women who start a business or are trying to grow their business imagine they are going to reach their pinnacle of success through hard work and determination. Or, they think their passion will lead them to victory. If you are one of these women, you probably don’t consider how much time, energy and money […]


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