My recovery from knee replacement surgery continues to be an upward trajectory and I am very pleased with my progress. It has been well worth the effort and I am now on the other side and looking forward to increased mobility. Although I am doing very well and feel good, I am finding it challenging […]

This past week I invited a colleague to come to one of my Biz Diva Mastermind Groups to give the members direction on how to create a financial budget for 2016. Everybody in the group uses QuickBooks and the interactive presentation was tailored so everyone could take what was being taught and translate it into […]

Back in 2008 I was working with Susan Tollefson, a time management specialist, to figure out how I could increase revenue and expand my business. At the time, in addition to my consulting work, I was doing contract work as a business consultant for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). I liked the variety of […]

Last week I told you a story about the importance of money. When you are in the process of growing a successful business your eye needs to be on the financial picture. When you have a business that supports employees, overhead, vendors, inventory and the complex world that a vibrant company lives in, you are […]

I have a potential client who wants her company to be a seven-figure business. Currently she’s grossing between $500,000 and $600,000 annually. Her revenue has dropped a little since 2014, but she’s been in this range for the last several years. I’ve known her for about two years and more than once I have mentioned […]

Last week I had lunch with a business banker who is interested in getting to know me and my clients. I was reminded of my initial business banking relationship, at a time when I didn’t understand the value of that relationship. While building Making It Big, I learned that partnering with a bank that had […]

Do you do much trading with your colleagues and business acquaintances, exchanging your services or products for theirs? Prompted by a story that one of my clients told me, I have some thoughts I want to share with you. Last month, this client mentioned she was very pleased with herself, having provided more hours of […]

I received a request asking that I write about hiring an assistant and determining when the time is right. I love this question because I have watched myself and my clients dance around this issue and I have a pretty good handle on what might help you make this decision. I want to start out […]

Daily, I hear a lot of emphasis on “making money” and not so much focus on bringing forth the business mission. I consider this to be ass backwards. Not to say there is anything wrong with making money and I want you to make lots of it! What I want you to consider are the […]

Having a joyful life and growing a successful business requires practical skills to compliment your drive, ambition, desire, and passion. Learning to manage and maintain financial health in your life and your business go hand in hand with making your dreams come true. You can learn to successfully manage your finances. It doesn’t matter if […]


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