I know this sounds good but it might make you think I am ancient! It really wasn’t that long ago that technology rapidly changed the world of small business in some very big ways. Making It Big (MIB), the company I began in 1984, was a direct to consumer retail and mail order business. I […]

And by that I mean: suck your time, suck your energy, and suck the joy out of your work. When I decided to return to school, reality—in the form of needing large blocks of time—came flooding in. In trying to figure out where to get those blocks of time, I realized I had a client […]

Do you know how money works? Ben Steverman at BusinessWeek claims that Americans are functionally illiterate. Are you one of those Americans? 1) Do you have personal credit-card debt greater than one month’s salary? 2) Is your house payment (or your rent) more than 30% of your monthly income? 3) Do you have a savings account? […]

  Sign up by March 25, and save $50 on the fabulous “Inside the Box Accounting” class. Everything you need for financial peace of mind. Click here to register! Financial peace of mind. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Like floating on a cloud, without a care in the world. I can tell you from personal experience, […]

1) Squeak: Ask for help. Women tend to be quiet, and not ask for what they want, so they get low on the totem pole. Women deplete all of their own resources before they ask for help. By the time they do that, they have nothing to show, so it’s hard to convince a bank or investors […]


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