I have decided that once a month, rather than writing my own blog, I am going to offer you the brilliant thoughts and ideas of my colleagues and clients. I am only one person, with one POV, and there is so much more to be shared! I am starting this month with Victoria Lasin of […]

I have a long term client who, several years into our consulting relationship, confessed there had been a period of time when she didn’t follow my direction. I had sensed a lack of action on her part, but it never occurred to me that she didn’t value what I said or the work we were […]

Earlier this month I was at a networking event and Lynda McDaniel (www.lyndamcdaniel.com) was presenting on “Business Writing as a Spiritual Practice.” In the course of her presentation, she tasked us with a stream of consciousness writing exercise. We were given five minutes and directed not to lift the pen from paper; the idea was […]

I received a request asking that I write about hiring an assistant and determining when the time is right. I love this question because I have watched myself and my clients dance around this issue and I have a pretty good handle on what might help you make this decision. I want to start out […]

The unofficial theme in this week’s diva mastermind groups was marketing. It didn’t seem to matter what the business was, whether it was new or old, sold products or services, everyone was feeling the pain of what it takes to develop an effective marketing campaign. Marketing is a resource intensive activity that most of us […]

Consider these questions: Do you have a Vision for where you want your business to be in 3-5 years? Are you tracking your business progress? Will you meet your sales and profit goals this year? Do you have a roadmap guiding your business journey? If you answered NO to any of these questions or you […]

I was in my mid-thirties when Making It Big, the company I started in 1984 and sold in 2004, made its first million dollars. When we hit this benchmark it took me by surprise. There was a point where I could see it coming, but it was never my primary goal. My commitment was to […]

I know this sounds good but it might make you think I am ancient! It really wasn’t that long ago that technology rapidly changed the world of small business in some very big ways. Making It Big (MIB), the company I began in 1984, was a direct to consumer retail and mail order business. I […]

We all want to be spending our time doing marketing, we believe it is the lifeblood of our business success AND marketing is often the place in business where you invest the most resources (time, money and energy) and get the smallest return on your investment. I realize this isn’t new information, BUT, what can […]

Yesterday I was complaining to Pam Austin, my fabulous coach, that when it comes to working on written projects (blogs, newsletters, web pages, you name it!) I want to run the other way. Even though I am a skilled writer and know I have lots of value to offer, I feel overwhelmed when my to-do […]


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