Biz Diva Mastermind Groups

Channel your wisdom and challenges into profitable and fulfilling business growth!

Does running your business leave you feeling isolated?

Where do you turn when you don’t know your next step? What do you do when a decision is required and the answer isn’t clear? Whom do you lean on when the going gets tough? Growing your business alone is no easy task and can leave you feeling exhausted and defeated.

That’s when it’s time to join a Biz Diva™ Mastermind Group! Engage with a roomful of smart, successful women to brainstorm the answers to your taxing business issues. It’s a powerful experience, and it’s a great relief to shed isolation, confusion and uncertainty.

Connect for success in a Biz Diva Mastermind Group

Your business life is more dynamic, more authentic and more rewarding when you share your accomplishments and challenges with other bright, like-minded businesswomen. In a Biz Diva Mastermind Group, you create your own business community as you build deep-rooted rapport, solve important problems and exchange invaluable thoughts, ideas and information. Together, your group supports the steady and easy revenue growth and profitability of each member.

Your Biz Diva Mastermind Group meets once a month for four hours. At each lively session, facilitated by the Biz Diva, you take turns sharing updates about your business and receive transformative feedback and guidance. To stay motivated and on track, you also commit to three top-priority steps to improve your business before the next meeting.

The result? Empowered and energized, you make consistent, significant and inspiring progress toward your ultimate business goals.

Deborah Myers “Cynthia Riggs is THE Biz Diva! For the past two years I have been in a Biz Diva Mastermind Group. Joining the group is by far one of the best business decisions I have made. The group focuses on sharing, brainstorming, planning and strategizing. Cynthia creates a platform that is all about stating your vision, deciding where you want to be and discovering the path to get there. She listens, recognizes disconnects, keeps you accountable and reminds you of your goals as she becomes your partner in becoming who you want to be in your professional world. She is adept at creating the space for all of this to happen, crafting a collaborative and supportive mastermind experience.”


Deborah Myers, Health at your Fingertips

Stay on course with the Biz Diva

In addition to your peers’ crucial input, you also work with master business development consultant and expert group facilitator Cynthia Riggs. You tap into her 30-plus years of entrepreneurial insights, small-business planning expertise and knowledge gained through building three profitable businesses, including a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Plus you get the personalized direction and advice you need to keep your Biz Diva Mastermind Group experience enriching and uplifting.

Sue Libby “I have been in one of Cynthia’s Biz Diva Mastermind groups for over eight years. We meet once a month and it’s one of the most valuable tools I have as a business owner. Not only do I get to present my ideas, challenges and celebrations, but I get invaluable feedback. Cynthia is a fireball and keeps great conversation happening.”


Sue Libby, Baraka and Red Hot Ceramics

Is a Biz Diva Mastermind Group right for you?

Be part of something powerful—an enlightened, progressive and supportive team of women business owners. Joining a Biz Diva Mastermind Group requires you to have a viable business you plan to grow and make more profitable. And to ensure vibrant, beneficial communication and business success for all members, it’s imperative you

  • Offer your integrity, drive and heart to support a collaborative atmosphere of learning and development
  • Participate fully so your wisdom, experience and know-how support everyone’s progress
  • Help other members navigate business roadblocks and learn from their challenges
  • Form accountability partnerships and connect between sessions to strengthen your alliances and spark additional mutual benefits
  • Honor the ground rules and your commitment to keep the group’s pace productive, upbeat and energized
  • Join for at least six months to ensure continuity and momentum

Marjorie Favuzzi“I really love being in the Biz Diva Mastermind Group, and I am getting so much out of it. It feels like my boat now has six additional sets of oars in it and I am being propelled in a true, authentic direction. New possibilities are literally opening, for all of us, and it feels great to be a part of this dynamic group.”



Marjorie Favuzzi, Success in Hand

Change your business for the better, now and forever

Recharge your small-business strategy and leave isolation, overwhelm and wasted time behind. In a Biz Diva Mastermind Group you welcome clarity, confidence and collaboration—plus profitable business growth—into your work life. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make!

Start right away. Contact Cynthia for your complimentary 45-minute consultation.


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