Biz Diva One-on-One Mentoring

For most of us, knowing what we want is usually easier than knowing how to get it. You may have a vision for your business, but it’s easy to get caught up handling day-to-day responsibilities and lose sight of the bigger picture. It can be hard to see what’s blocking your success or even recognize a golden opportunity when it’s right in front of you!

Business development expert and Biz Diva, Cynthia Riggs, helps you get a clear picture of your business, evaluate and identify what’s working for you and, most importantly, focus on what you need to move forward. The Biz Diva works with you to set realistic goals and create practical strategies to achieve the business growth you envision.

As a woman who has built her own multimillion-dollar company from the ground up, Cynthia understands firsthand how important support is to achieving your goals. Let the Biz Diva help hone your business strategy and make a lasting, positive impact on your profit and success.

Personalized Consulting

Whatever your business vision, working one-on-one with the Biz Diva helps you go farther, faster. Cynthia’s years of experience enable her to tailor solutions to fit you and your individual needs. She empowers you to make your dream a reality and keep up your momentum when the going gets tough. Plus, Cynthia’s positive outlook and intrepid spirit create an easy-going atmosphere that allows both you and your business to thrive.

Project-Based Business Development

If you have projects lined up that will expand your business and increase your profits but can’t find the time to get them off the ground, the Biz Diva can solve your problem! Cynthia is equipped to jump in and take action––whether it’s organizing your team to improve output or getting your finances back in order. Putting off implementing the next step only stalls your growth. Don’t wait! Let the Biz Diva get your project finished now so you can propel your business forward!

Christine Martin“Cynthia has proven to be the calm voice of reason for nearly every major decision I have made. She has helped guide me through very difficult decisions during an unstable economy and helped my business not only survive, but thrive. She supports me to move past my own fears and insecurities, into steady, reasonable growth for my company.
She has found a way to turn my artistic and intuitive approach to life into a sustainable and profitable model for running a business—without losing who I am in the process. (NOT easy!)
I met Cynthia when I was a freelancer working from my home office. Now we are a team of nine, and we are part of the three percent of women-owned businesses who surpass the million-dollar mark. I share every bit of the credit for this with Cynthia.”


Christine Martin, Firefly Creative Company


VIP Intensive

Spend an entire day with the Biz Diva to move your business forward NOW. In this one-day intensive, you will create a sharp, well-defined action plan, get clear on the next steps you need to take in your business, increase your can-do confidence, and feel the excitement of getting—and staying—on track. Stay accountable with 3 monthly follow-up meetings. Choose between a Small-Group VIP Intensive or Exclusive VIP Intensive and choose between in-person or phone meetings. 


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