One-on-One Consulting with the Biz Diva

Fast-track your business growth and well-being with the Biz Diva™ by your side!

Are obstacles to business growth in your way?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, but going to the next level seems daunting. You want to advance with every step and avoid mistakes but aren’t sure how. Meanwhile life happens. You lose a major client because they’ve downsized. A parent becomes ill and needs your care. And because your personal life is inseparable from your business, events like these can derail your focus and momentum.

The Biz Diva holds the expertise to keep your business progressing in the right direction, even when the going gets tough. She can help you save time, energy and money. Cynthia strengthens your knowledge base and shares in your decision-making and problem-solving processes. She challenges you to step up and shows you how to manage your work life with balance, organization and accountability.

The Biz Diva guides you to success

A seasoned business development consultant, Cynthia teaches you to focus on what’s important, concentrate on your priorities and overcome roadblocks. Each time you meet with the Biz Diva, you gain greater confidence, self-esteem and efficiency and turn your worries into positive action. Are you ready to propel your business forward and enjoy increased revenue, profitability and well-being?

“Cynthia was instrumental in helping me launch Bound4College. She has been my business consultant for many years and has helped me grow Bound4College into a successful educational consulting company. Her expertise, professionalism and encouragement have been invaluable.”

Elizabeth Rehfeld
Elizabeth Rehfeld

Your progress is assured with the Biz Diva

You tap into 30-plus years of entrepreneurial wisdom when you choose the Biz Diva. A lifestyle entrepreneur, Cynthia has built three profitable businesses, including a multimillion-dollar enterprise. She knows what it takes to help you move your business to the next level of success and profitability.

As someone who has built business from the ground up, Cynthia appreciates what it’s like to be standing where you are. This means you get the encouragement and steady support you need to navigate the complexities of growing a business, maintaining your equilibrium and advancing your business strategy.

Is the Biz Diva’s one-on-one consulting right for you?

If you’re excited to grow your business, ready to work hard, and thrive with direct, practical advice and interactive discussion, working with the Biz Diva can move you to success. Cynthia works by phone or in person so you can partner with her wherever you and your business are located.

Cynthia helps you accomplish these key initiatives:

  • Business planning Clarify your business vision and take self-assured steps to get there with a customized One Page Business Plan®.
  • Financial organization Welcome peace of mind with a workable budget, meaningful financial reports and positive cash flow.
  • Marketing and sales Create steady, lucrative earnings momentum with an effective marketing strategy and winning sales process.
  • Strategic planning Guide your company to productive, profitable growth and success with relevant, workable strategies.
  • Personnel Ensure a satisfying work environment with well-crafted personnel policies, job descriptions, and hiring and training procedures.
  • Operations Improve your bottom line with efficient, stress-reducing systems and procedures.
  • And much more Get help with all your business challenges!

“Cynthia is a dynamic business coach. She is mentor, therapist, teacher and cheerleader, all rolled into one. She expertly homes in on the issue at hand and provides experienced guidance to reach a successful conclusion. Cynthia is inspiring, confident in her knowledge and insightful; she has a great passion for helping business owners.”

Karen Alary
Karen Alary
HR Strategies Group

How does the Biz Diva’s consulting and coaching work?

You and Cynthia schedule a complimentary consultation and together determine your core issues and concerns. Here’s what you’ll get from working together with the Biz Diva:

  • You receive a tailor-made proposal so you understand your business investment in terms of time and money.
  • You meet with Cynthia by phone or in person as scheduled.
  • You get candid direction, assignments, meeting notes, goal setting and more.
  • You reach your targets and take your business to the next level!

Jump-start your business today

Yes, reaching for your ideal business takes courage, skill and commitment. And you can do it! But do it smarter and faster with the Biz Diva by your side.

Want to begin right away? Contact Cynthia now for your complimentary 45-minute consultation.


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