Project-Based Business Development

Build Infrastructure and move ahead!

No time for essential projects?

You’ve singled out critical projects necessary to grow your business, enhance your workplace and increase your profitability. But you’re already too busy without adding new initiatives to your many responsibilities! How do you find time to complete these projects and keep your work and life in balance?

Take control with the Biz Diva

Save time, energy and money with the Biz Diva. Cynthia Riggs helps you define and organize your small-business strategy projects, deadlines and desired outcomes. She guides your progress, enriches your knowledge base and shares in your decision-making and problem-solving every step of the way. The results are impressive: You transform your hopes and expectations into tangible, actionable tools and procedures, and exciting accomplishment.

Enjoy project success with the Biz Diva

With business development consultant Cynthia Riggs by your side, you gain access to her 30-plus years of entrepreneurial insights, project management leadership and tested experience building three profitable businesses, including a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Moreover, you get the customized expertise, accountability, training and business coaching you need to get your projects done on time and on budget.

“I run a family-owned business, founded in 1969 by my mother and father. They taught me all I know about fabricating boat canvas, boat interiors and awnings. What I didn’t learn from my parents was how to run the business. Over the years I took a variety of business courses, focusing on time management and efficiency, and made some improvements along the way. Those improvements helped us get better, but we did not realize our full potential. They also did nothing to improve our cash flow, which has been an area of stress and frustration for many years. I started working with Cynthia Riggs a little over a year ago and the progress I’ve made is remarkable. Cash flow is no longer a problem and we are working on time and material studies to properly price our services. Working with Cynthia has improved how my business operates; goals are achievable and implementation happens. We are on track to a million dollars in sales for the first time ever!”

Lia Gianola
Lia Gianola
Gianola Canvas

Is Project-Based Business Development right for you?

If you lack time, energy or the know-how to complete your essential projects, count on the Biz Diva. Wherever you’re located, Cynthia works with you by phone or in person to help you with projects like these:

  • Leadership development to strengthen your team’s innate talents and skills
  • Strategic planning to move your company to productive, profitable success
  • Financial planning and review to create financial health, awareness and confidence
  • Human resource planning to instill employee trust, loyalty and satisfaction

Infuse start-to-finish focus, drive and financial success into your projects

Important projects take hard work and constant attention to keep them on track. Why not share the load with Cynthia? You free your time, make your life easier and achieve the results you need.

Are you ready to get started? Contact Cynthia now for your complimentary 45-minute consultation.


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