Learn from the Biz Diva™ Wherever You Are!

The Biz Diva™ live webinars provide innovative and engaging content to increase your knowledge and accelerate business growth. Each webinar series is specifically geared toward achieving tangible results you can use immediately.

Discover how easy and convenient it is to advance your business skills without leaving your desk! The Biz Diva delivers practical information you can use, including handouts and exercises to support you every step of the way.

Whether you want to create a business plan, action plan or personal spending plan, you’ll get exactly what you need. During each information-packed webinar, you’ll draft your own customized plan, plus learn the necessary tools to keep your plan always up to date.

A dynamic speaker and natural mentor, Cynthia Riggs makes learning over the Internet fun. Her webinar series are interactive and lively. Audience participation is encouraged and there is plenty of opportunity to get your questions answered.

Women’s Business Accelerator!

Wanting to finally get that business plan written? Implemented? If you are an established business woman, the Women’s Business Accelerator will support you and your business in ways you never imagined! We combine a pragmatic and a relational approach to business plan development. You’ll create a vibrant plan, full of goal-oriented strategies and once that’s done, you’ll enjoy the brain trust of brilliant business women like yourself to help actualize your goals. No more isolation!

One Page Business Plan Webinar

The One Page Business Plan is awesome––it’s a powerful, living document that will accelerate your business growth! The One Page Business Plan® webinar series is a “do it with guidance” opportunity for entrepreneurs and small-business owners who know they need to get their plan in place but going it alone isn’t a successful option. Each interactive webinar is a working session that will guide you through creation of your business plan, step by step. At the end of the webinar, you’ll have a draft of your plan in hand!

Financial Fitness Webinar

The Financial Fitness program provides insight into your true financial situation and teaches you a method to handle, manage, and get up close and personal with your money. You will learn a weekly practice that brings you to a new level of expertise in managing your finances. This practice lays the groundwork for making informed and balanced financial decisions. If you are feeling the pinch and ready to make a change, the Biz Diva can guide you to Financial Fitness.


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