Financial Fitness

People would rather talk about their sex lives than their money!

What is Financial Fitness?

Shine a bright light on your financial situation and move from the misery of financial ignorance to the freedom that getting real with your money provides. This will be your first step towards Financial Fitness. Whether your personal scenario is good, bad or “I don’t know,” getting real will allow you to move forward.

What does Financial Fitness do for you?

The Financial Fitness program provides insight into your true financial situation and teaches you a method to handle, manage, and get up close and personal with your money. You will learn a weekly practice that brings you to a new level of expertise in managing your finances. This practice lays the groundwork for making informed and balanced financial decisions.

Are you ready for a change?

Financial Fitness requires you to step up and be all in. Pulling your head out of the sand requires transparency and vulnerability. Acknowledging the truth and knowing where you are financially will empower you to make important financial decisions. Yesterday doesn’t matter; it is the choices you make going forward that count. The good news is this: Knowing your actual financial situation is the powerful first step toward making changes in your financial life. It makes everything possible!

Ronnie Roche“Getting control of our money is an amazing feeling! We worked with Cynthia to develop a budget and spending plan. Throughout the process Cynthia was firm yet gentle about what it would take for us to gain control of our finances. After more than six months of following her plan, we now have money in the bank, understand our budgeting and spending needs, have paid off two credit cards, and most importantly, we have clear communication within our marriage about money! Gaining control of your finances really, really works and relieves all the stress about money that most couples just dance around. Thank you!”


Ronnie & Steve Roche
Design Solutions

Is the Financial Fitness program right for you?

Have you had enough of ignoring the facts? Are you tired of that nagging feeling you get every time you need to make a financial decision? If you are feeling the pinch and ready to make a change, the Biz Diva can guide you to Financial Fitness. This program will provide

  • In-depth evaluation of your income, expenses and debt
  • Weekly budget setup and ongoing review
  • Increased financial acumen and new skills
  • Invaluable guidance, coaching and discussion

Take charge of your financial future, today

Move beyond the doubts and worries about your financial situation. With the Biz Diva’s expert guidance, take stock of where you are now and hone your proficiency at making the right financial decisions for a positive future.

Now is the right time to take charge of your money! Contact Cynthia for your free 45-minute consultation.

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Create Your Personal Spending Plan – 4 part webinar program
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