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Women’s Business Accelerator

Ready, Set, Grow!

Are you a creative-minded business owner who appreciates a more interpersonal approach to business planning? If you answer yes, the Women’s Business Accelerator is perfect for you! When you join this twelve month program, you’ll get the benefit of personalized attention from master business consultant Cynthia Riggs – the Biz Diva. She will share her entrepreneurial insights, those from her many years of being in business and those gathered from over a decade of consulting and coaching women business owners. In addition, you’ll enjoy the shared wisdom and experiences of business professionals––women just like you––in twice monthly lively and collaborative conversations.

Is it time to translate your exciting Vision into reality?

This process all begins with your Vision. Is it time for you to imagine the business of your dreams? What does your business want to be when it grows up? Combining the reality of where you are today with what you anticipate for the future will lead you on the path of discovering what is possible. This is your opportunity to become excited and engaged in manifesting the direction of your business.

Are you ready to stop flying by the seat of your pants?

Every business, including yours, needs a plan to achieve its long-term goals. A One Page Business Plan helps you build on your strengths, recognize rewarding opportunities and meet your business challenges. With detailed steps to reach your aspirations—like higher sales and profits, loyal customers and motivated employees—you get there faster, with less stress and more confidence.

Do you know that business planning doesn’t have to hurt?

The Women’s Business Accelerator includes all the key elements for building your action plan on just one page! It’s brief and user-friendly so it is easy to stay focused and on target. With the winning combination of expert guidance and a supportive team developing your plan will happen with grace and ease.

Are you craving interaction with other creative business women?

Community is not to be underrated! Your business life is more dynamic, more authentic and more rewarding when you share your accomplishments and challenges with other bright, like-minded businesswomen. Accountability helps us stick to our intentions, actualize our goals, and increase our capacity to manifest more of what is possible. As we build deep-rooted rapport, solve important problems and exchange invaluable thoughts, ideas and information, we’ll be creating our own business community.

Do you want your own Biz Advisor at a price you can afford?

In this yearlong program, you’ll partner with Cynthia Riggs to create a road map that clearly connects you and your actions to visible business growth. Cynthia’s business building mastery is legendary. She has built four successful businesses and three were before she knew about the One Page Business Plan! When she hung out her consulting shingle, she knew she needed to find a plan (of some kind) that would empower women and help her grow a successful six figure consulting practice. She discovered the One Page Business Plan in 2004 and has used the plan in her business and in guiding others since that time. Her expertise is undeniable and she knows the steps you need to take to get your business to the next level of success and profitability.

What’s Included?

– One Page Business Plan Workbook

– Expert business plan development assistance

– Two Business Accelerator Meetings each month!

– Collaborative and supportive feedback from like-minded business women

– 1-on-1 coaching calls to support your progress

– Continuity and accountability = forward movement!

Sign up Now!

Time: 3 hours in the first month and then 2 hours per month for the remaining 11 months!
Investment: $397 to get started and $147/month for eleven additional months
Pre-requisites: Desire to build your successful business!

Mark Your Calendars!

Women’s Business Accelerator

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1. Simply click on the PayPal button for payment instructions. If you prefer to pay via check or money order, please send your payment to: The Biz Diva, PO Box 203 Cotati, CA 94931.
2. Once you enroll you will receive confirmation, log-in information, and further details about the Women’s Business Accelerator.

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