Marketing from the Inside Out

Empower your marketing efforts with authentic connection

Marketing drives your business

Do you get the word out? Do the right people know your business exists? Effective marketing is reaching out to your ideal clients with a compelling message that speaks to them. Whether you market face-to-face, online or on the phone, consistent effort yields increased sales opportunities, which help you generate financial profit and fulfillment.

Why authentic marketing works best

Using an authentic marketing strategy for your small business, you speak to your ideal clients and address their needs, concerns and desires. Your message translates how your unique style, skills and offerings solve their problems and improve their quality of life. You build trust and rapport, and inspire them to act—call, email, register for a free report, buy a product or engage a service.

How does Marketing from the Inside Out help?

In this powerful series you discover the essential Principles, Practices and Factors that support your marketing efforts with steady, positive results. Through discussion, practice and collaboration, you learn to apply these concepts and develop a marketing plan. Over the months of this interactive and dynamic course, you create clear, persuasive messaging and a winning marketing plan that is in alignment with your resources and maximizes your earning potential.

Sales—your essential ingredient for a vibrant business

Once you’ve activated your marketing action plan, how do you turn prospective clients’ interest into actual purchase of your products or services? With the Eight Elements to a Successful Sales Conversation, you gain the skills, practice and confidence necessary to conduct an engaging, self-assured sales conversation. The Biz Diva’s™ method helps you prequalify your prospects, manage sales topics and uncover core issues. The outcome? You focus your time and energy on converting promising prospects into valuable, paying clients.

Expect business growth and success with the Biz Diva

Empower your marketing and sales with master business consultant Cynthia Riggs. Throughout this 10-month, interactive program you gain confidence and know-how through personalized attention, group process and targeted assignments. You also benefit from Cynthia’s 30-plus years of entrepreneurial insights and proven experience using authentic marketing and successful sales conversation techniques––ones she used while building three flourishing businesses, including a multimillion-dollar company.

Julie Burns“Taking Marketing from the Inside Out has helped me gain clarity on my unique abilities, values and offerings, enabling me to create a marketing road map that is in alignment with who I am. This 10-month journey has been an amazing experience of putting all the pieces together, enriched by the input of the wonderful women in my class. It’s like having your own Mastermind Group! I highly recommend this class to any entrepreneur who wants to grow her business. It’s not only a wonderful marketing class, it’s also a journey of personal discovery with just the right combination of structure, inspiration, support and encouragement.”


Julie Burns, The Communication Bridge

Is Marketing from the Inside Out right for you?

If moving your business to the next level is your next step, this structured, goal-oriented program teaches you best practices and supports business growth. Meeting once a month for four hours, you and the group of dynamic business owners share camaraderie as you:

  • Create your marketing plan with a solid timeline and budget
  • Learn how to identify and attract the clients you want
  • Discover how to build quality relationships
  • Create your marketing road map
  • Acquire the skills to have an effective sales conversation

This course is designed to be interactive, thought provoking, and relevant.
In class time: 4 hours per month, for ten months
Investment: $200 per month or $1750 if prepaid (a savings of $250)
Pre-requisites: None

Mark Your Calendars!

Marketing from the Inside Out 10 Month Class
Date: New dates coming soon!
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Santa Rosa

To Register:
1. Simply click on the PayPal button for payment instructions. If you prefer to pay via check or money order, please send your payment to: The Biz Diva, PO Box 203 Cotati, CA 94931.
2. Once you enroll you will receive confirmation, location, and further details about the Marketing from the Inside Out program.

Marketing from the Inside Out

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