One-Year Action Plan for Success

Aim your business to reach your target goal

Are you a creative-minded business owner, solopreneur or nonprofit representative with a non-business background? Are you new to business and would like a more interpersonal approach to business planning? The One-Year Action Plan for Success™ is a perfect fit for you.
What’s the best way to help your business succeed?
With a solid plan guiding your efforts, you know what to do and how to do it. Every business, including yours, needs a plan to achieve its long-term goals. Having a business plan is the most important tool for business growth and success.

What does an action plan do for you?

An action plan helps you build on your strengths, recognize rewarding opportunities and meet your business challenges. With detailed steps to reach your aspirations—like higher sales and profits, loyal customers and motivated employees—you get there faster, with less stress and more confidence.

Your planning is effective with expert assistance

There’s no need to figure this out on your own. When you join the One-Year Action Plan for Success workshop, you get master business consultant Cynthia Riggs’ personalized input and access to her 30-plus years of entrepreneurial insights. You also enjoy the shared wisdom and experiences of business professionals––women just like you––in a lively, collaborative setting.

Natalie Brundred “Cynthia took the board of our non-profit through her One Year Action Plan for Success. I found the process to be highly effective at helping us get clear about our core values, our vision, our mission and our desired outcomes for this year. The way Cynthia guided us through the process was masterful. Each insight paved the way for the next. And Cynthia’s ability to work with a group of women (otherwise known as “herding cats”!) was truly remarkable. We are revitalized and ready to tackle the next phase of our organization’s growth!


Natalie Brundred, Vice President
Connections – A Forum for Women in Business

Make it easy to monitor your progress

Your One-Year Action Plan for Success includes all the key elements to building your action plan on just one page! It’s brief and user-friendly so you easily stay focused and on target.

Is the One-Year Action Plan for Success right for you?

If you want results and prefer a creative, intuitive approach to learning about business strategy concepts, the One-Year Action Plan for Success is your answer. In this class you learn basic business planning concepts and you

  • Draft your action plan—which outlines your vision, mission, core values, desired outcomes and projects—to generate success for your business
  • Have seven hours of class time to explore your business’ needs, goals and strategies
  • Gain the supportive feedback of six to eight like-minded business people
  • Can opt in for one-on-one business coaching sessions with the Biz Diva

In class time: 8 hours
Investment: $347 or $297 if paid 15 days in advance
Pre-requisites: None

Mark Your Calendars!

Date: Coming Soon!
Location: Santa Rosa

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